Ellen Mears Kennedy
Bethesda, Maryland 20817
Currently (since 1985) studio artist exhibiting in national juried shows:
Exhibiting Smithsonian Craft Show, Washington, DC
Exhibiting Philadelphia Craft Show, Philadelphia, PA
Visiting Instructor, Fabric Design, University of Maine, Orono, ME
Computer Graphics & Fabric Designer: New York, NY
Assistant Professor of Art, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL
Visiting Instructor, Fabric Design, University of Michigan

 Apprenticeship, studio assistant and teaching at Pyramid Atlantic Art Center
Master of Fine Arts, Weaving, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
BFA, Weaving & Printmaking, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY
1998 to 2017 1995 to 2017 1985

Selected Collections:
Ritz Carlton Hotel: Phoenix, Arizona
Wombole Carlyle Law Firm: Washington, DC
Dow, Lohnes and Albertson Law Firm: Washington, DC
PRC Corporation: Fairfax, Virginia
IBM: Montgomery, Alabama
Newberry Plaza Association: Chicago, Illinois
New York Life Building: New York, NY
Marriott Corporation: Orlando, Florida
ellen MEARS
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Artist Statement:

My work as an artist began with weaving, was transformed by the study of surface design and print and finally found a “home” in papermaking, a natural bridge between fiber and print. After a brief apprenticeship at Pyramid Atlantic, a nationally known center for book arts, I set up my own studio in Maryland, devoted to papermaking in all aspects.

All paper starts with the pulp. My artistic process begins with a blending of fibers, recycled cotton, linen and abaca, a strong and lustrous fiber from the Philippines; (it’s used for tea bags.) The pulp is colored with archival pigments; I make each piece
of paper by hand using centuries-old European
papermaking techniques. I often use two colors per sheet, one on each side, deliberately manipulating the pigment to create subtle and unique gradations of color. Allowed to air dry, handmade paper develops a natural wave, creating an organic texture, distinctive and compelling. After drying, the papers are folded and a distinct color shows on each side of the fold. Attached to a canvas backing, one color and design can be seen from the left and another color and design from the right. The artwork is always changing as the viewer moves from side to side of the piece.

Each art work is constructed of hundreds of strips of paper; like a meditation, repeating and yet changing, the artwork represents a transformation, moments in time, manifested in color, created from separate parts that become a celebration of the whole.